Why Peña & Associates?

Rudy M. Peña is a Graduate Gemologist and a member of the International Society of Appraisers. He is the only member listed with a gemology (Jewelry) Specialty in the city of San Antonio.

  • Address: TexStar Bank
    12800 San Pedro Ave.
    San Antonio, TX 78216
  • Phone: (210) 349-GEMS(4367)
  • Email: rudy@rudypena.com

Appraiser Services

  • Appraisal Insurance
    • Standard Homeowners
    • Personal Articles, Floater
  • Federally Related Appraisal
    • Charitable Donations
    • Federal Tax Functions
    • Federal Casualty Loss
  • Individual Appraisal
    • Equitable Distribution
    • Forced Liquidation
    • Collateral
    • Resale

Why You Should Appraise Your Jewlery?

By far, the most important reason is for insurance purposes. Over the years, the value of your jewelry and gemstones can fluctuate greatly. If your last appraisal is over two years old it may be out-of-date and, as a result, your jewelry could be insured for less than its replacement value. That means you risk a substantial financial loss if your jewelry is lost, stolen or damaged.

For your protection, we recommend you have your jewelry appraised every two years. Peña & Associates will provide you with accurate appraisal reports based on current market values so you can obtain adequate insurance coverage. You may also want to determine the value or authenticity of your jewelry for estate and tax purposes, divorce settlements, donations and loans.

What should an appraisal report include?

  • Date of the appraisal
  • Client’s name, address and contact information
  • Statement of the purpose of the appraisal
  • Detailed and clear/understandable description of the item being valued
  • Value of the item(s)
  • Statement/explanation of limiting conditions and assumptions. An example of a limiting condition is the appraiser has to estimate weight for mounted stones.
  • Disclosure statements – be sure you read and understand the fine print
  • Signature of the appraiser
  • Appraiser’s qualifications
  • Names of anyone who assisted in either the evaluation or valuation process.

Peña & Associates provides comprehensive reports that show detailed gemological information and digital color photographs of each piece

  • As professional jewelry appraisers, we take pride in our work.
  • Every appraisal is prepared with the highest professional standards in mind.
  • Peña & Associates conforms to the International Society of Appraisers Appraisal Report, Writing Standard and Code of Ethics.
  • Each Peña & Associates appraisal report is a legal document and will be accepted by all insurance companies.

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